Hello, I'm Debbie Pearce.

I'm an experienced clinical Hypnotherapist, Supervisor and Trainer, practising in East Devon.


Since qualifying in 2008, I've seen well over a thousand clients, gaining thousand of hours of experience and insight. I use Solution Focused techniques in my work, helping clients move towards their preferred future, leaving the past behind.


I totally enjoy my work, there can't be many careers where you feel more uplifted and energised at the end of the day than when you started!

My Story


After rewarding careers in IT and Charity Management I finally found my calling when I trained to become a clinical hypnotherapist.


I trained back in 2008 under David Newton at the prestigious Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training (CPHT) centre in Bristol.  David is an eminent hypnotherapy practitioner and trainer, and he pioneered the Solution Focused Hypnotherapy approach, combining the positive psychology techniques of Solution Focused Therapy with the power of hypnosis.


The course was life-changing. The anxiety that had formed the background of my life disappeared during training. I couldn't believe how enjoyable life could be. And I couldn't wait to help others achieve that same peace of mind.



The course put a great emphasis on getting practical experience while we trained. So by the time I qualified, I’d already worked with dozens of volunteer clients, helping them overcome a wide range of issues.


Having that experience gave me the confidence to build up a thriving practice in and around East Devon. And at one point, I was working from therapy centres in four different towns.


In the years since I qualified, I’ve seen well over a thousand clients, gaining many thousands of hours of experience and insight.




I was in the right place at the right time and in 2010 was invited to help set up a professional association for hypnotherapists, the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. It’s gone from strength to strength and today has over 600 members. 


I then trained to become a clinical supervisor so that I could help other hypnotherapists hone their practical skills and grow their businesses.


Group sessions are a great forum for sharing best practice and mutual support. There's nothing more uplifting than being in a room full of Solution Focused Hypnotherapists.



CPHT expanded their network and were looking for people to set up new schools around the UK. Having developed and delivered highly acclaimed workshops for hypnotherapists and other complementary practitioners, I was appointed as a senior lecturer.


In 2015 I set up a CPHT school in Guildford and then one in Southampton. I also looked after the Manchester school for two years. 


Training other people to become hypnotherapists was such a joy. Not only did I get to see the students develop personally as they adopted the Solution Focused approach, but I got to hear about the life-enhancing work they were doing with their own clients during and after training. 


In 2017, I was amongst the first hypnotherapists in the country to gain an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Benchmarked as a Level 5 qualification, it’s currently the highest hypnotherapy award available in the UK.


I’m passionate about the power of the Solution Focused approach. I want to share the simple, but effective, techniques that have helped so many of my clients overcome anxiety for good. That’s why I’ve created these online resources. Now I can reach out to anyone in the UK who’s struggling with anxiety.


So, as you can see, you're in safe hands.


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